Newsflash “Custom Bikes”….

New to our hire fleet this season, specialised motorcycle trailers for extra large Custom Bikes, Harley Davidson, Gold Wings etc. With a bed size of 11′ x 5’5″ and a central runner to accept 300mm + wide tyres and a payload of 1000kg. Also new trailers for Trikes with bed sizes from 12′ -14′ x 6′ with payloads of up to 1500kg.

Trailers Available

  • Single Mortorcycle trailers, up to 400kg payload
  • Double Mortorcycle trailers, up to 600kg payload
  • Triple Mortorcycle trailers, up to 980kg payload
  • 4-5 Bike trailers, up to 1500kg payload
HJ 140 3 BikeHJ 320 2 Bike
HJ 350 1 BikeHJ 350+320
HJ 110 3 BikeHJ 140 3 Bike 2

HJ 140 Trike