New to HJ Auto’s The Trailor People, we are pleased to be adding a “Caravan hire Section” to our company, this has been decided due to enquiries by our existing customers.

HJ Leisure caravans are complete with heating, fridge, oven, grill, hob, shower, hot & cold water and toilet facilities, with the ability to use the leisure battery, gas or hook to mains supply.

Whether it will be for touring, caravan sites, weekend shows or events we can accommodate you. Our caravans are fully equipped so all you need to supply is bedding, towels and of course food and beverages. You don’t need a 4 x 4 to enjoy the freedom of caravanning, the average family saloon is adequate, with the average weight of a 4 berth caravan approx 1340kg.


Motorcycle Trailers

New to our hire fleet this season, specialized motorcycle trailers for extra large Custom Bikes, Harley Davidson, Gold Wings etc. with a bed size of 11` x 5`.5” and a central runner to accept 300mm + wide tyres and a payload of 1000kg.

Also new trailers for Trikes with bed sizes from 12`-14` x 6` with payloads up to 1500kg.

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Multi Purpose Trailers

New this season

Flat beds 20’ x 8’ with or without sides with a payload of 2700kg. 16’ x 6’6” with ramps for the larger plant etc. with a payload of 2700kg

Beaver Tails 16’ x 6’ 8” c/w. ramps and winch with a payload of 2350kg  12’ x 6’ c/w. fixed ramp and winch with a payload of 2000kg