The most common problems with trailers, after the initial purchase, is that like any vehicle they should be maintained and regularly serviced.

How often, depends on use, normally every 6 months, or in the case of boat trailers that are immersed in salt water, more frequently. This ensures that trailers are kept in good working order and comply with legislation and gives the owner peace of mind.

A trailer can be divided into 4 main parts that all connect to each other, and if one part fails, others will often follow.

HJ Auto’s The Trailer People offer a comprehensive service schedule that includes the following:

  • Coupling Head – Draw-bar and linkages, breakaway cable, safety chain, jockey wheel and damper travel.
  • Wheels, hubs & tires – Remove hubs and check for wear and damage to hubs, bearings, brake shoes, brake cables and moving parts.
  • Electrical – Check plug, wiring, clean electrical contacts, check inside lights for corrosion and bulb failure.
  • Body – Check all body panels and ‘A’ frame for signs of fatigue and damage, check all fasteners are present and in good working order, check flooring, etc.
  • Repairs – We supply specialist fabricated parts, carry out repairs and welding in-house by our own qualified staff.

For more information on Servicing and Repairs contact Jason on 01702 20 25 43 or e-mail

Our servicing engineers are certified by the National Trailer Towing Association (NTTA) and fully covered under public liability insurance.

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