Whether building from scratch, repairing or upgrading a trailer, our range of spares and components contains everything you are likely to need. Quality suspension units, pre-fitted with bearings and hubs, with matching mounting plates, or mounting beams are a complete suspension solution, ready to accept the correct size of wheels and tyres. Replacement hubs, bearings, wheels and tyres, mudguards in plastic, or steel with a galvanised finish, hand winches, power winches, jockey wheels complete or in part, tie down and ratchet straps, lighting boards, light units and lenses, on to smaller parts such as hinges and antiluce fasteners, together with our dedicated service and advice.

Please contact jason@hj-autos.co.uk


  1. Lighting, Lenses, Bulbs & Triangle
  2. Plugs, Sockets & Cable
  3. Towing Balls, Couplings & Brackets
  4. Wheels, Tyres, Hubs, Bearings & Studs
  5. Brakes & Cables
  6. Shackles, Hooks, Pins & Bolts
  7. Jockey Wheels & Prop Stands
  8. Mudguards & Wheel Covers
  9. Ratchet Straps & Towing
  10. Ball Boots, Socket Covers, Locks & Wheel Brace