Towing Information


  • Motorway – 60mph*
  • Dual Carriageway – 60mph*
  • Other Roads – 50mph*

* These restrictions apply, of course providing lower limits are not in force and the combined gross weight, the vehicle and trailer does not exceed 7.5tonnes.


  • Trailers are not allowed on the outside lane of a three or more motorway, unless unavoidable due to roadwork’s, accident, obstructions or lane closures.
  • Passengers must not be carried on or in the trailer.


  • Only drivers with full driving licenses are allowed to tow trailers. Licenses before 1 January 1997 give entitlement to drive vehicles up to 7500kg gross weight and to tow a trailer providing the combination of the towing vehicle and trailer does not exceed 8250kg. Licenses after this date restrict the entitlement to vehicles up to 3500kg max gross weight with trailers up to 750kg gross weight (4250kg combined), or larger trailers providing the combination of the trailer and vehicle does not exceed 3500kg and the gross weight of the trailer does not exceed the unloaded weight of the towing vehicle.


  • Ensure the maximum towing weight or train weight set by the towing vehicle manufacturer is not exceeded.
  • Do not exceed the maximum gross weight as indicated on the trailer plate.
  • Do not exceed the maximum nose weight as indicated on the coupling.
  • Gross train weights exceeding 3500kg could require a tachograph.


  • All loads must be securely tied down or restrained, this is the responsibility of the driver.
  • Wherever possible, loads should be evenly distributed across the trailer and positioned in such a way as to keep the nose weight within the recommended limits.
  • Nose weight must always be positive (normally 50kg to 150kg depending on the trailer/vehicle combination). Please ask if you require  further information.
  • If uneven loads have to be carried, ensure that the individual wheels/axles are not overloaded. It may be necessary to reduce the overall load to achieve this.


It is the trailer users responsibility and a legal requirement.

  1. To ensure that the breakaway cable or secondary coupling is in good condition and that it is fitted between the trailer and towing vehicle when towing.
  2. To ensure the trailer is fitted with an approved style number plate bearing the same registration as the towing vehicle.


  • Length of towing vehicle and trailer combined – 18.00mt
  • Maximum overhang of load from rear of trailer – 3.05mt

Marking of rear overhang:

  • Between 1mt and 2mt, ensure the end is clearly visible by attaching a piece of rag or similar.
  • Between 2mt and 3.05mt, a marker board as defined in the regulations must be fitted and must be illuminated at night.
  • Loads must not project more than 305mm on either side of the trailer.


While we have tried to explain the current law, as we understand it, we cannot be held responsible for the interpretation given. If in doubt consult the relevant regulations, which can be obtained from The Station Office (formally HMSO).